10 Reasons Why PreMarital & PreEngagement Counseling is Helpful

During the spring season, it’s common for couples that are planning weddings to consider their relationship health and search for a pre-marital therapist at our therapy group. Thankfully, my caseload is the fullest it’s been due to this season! So here are some reasons why I think you might consider partnering with a therapist when you’ve decided to commit to your current relationship, or maybe when you’re trying to decide IF to commit!

1. The wedding is just one wonderful day, but the marriage is years filled with both wonderful and hard days

2. Issues are easier to deal with when you’ve made a plan and communicated in advance

3. Couples who are willing to learn and grow together have a much better chance at having a happy relationship

4. A neutral third party can help to best explore different aspects of your relationship

5. Sex doesn’t happen like it does in Hollywood

6. It’s more natural to always tell your spouse what they’re not doing versus learning to communicate your relationships needs and desires

7. Unfinished business is brought to your relationship from your nuclear family and previous romantic relationships

8. Merging 2 different people’s cash, debt, and spending habits is not a straightforward process

9. Often opposites attract which leads to different perspectives and approaches

10. It’s like getting a preventative check-up from a doctor versus receiving medicine when there’s already a problem.

~Our therapy group also works with pre-engagement couples since that can be an even more beneficial time to explore a couple’s developing relationship. In other words, it’s before wedding contracts and deposits have been made. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like you could benefit from this support.

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