Speaking Engagements

Fostering Health in Communities

CPS partners with churches and para-church organizations to offer presentations and workshops on a variety of subjects that promote emotional and spiritual health for personal growth as well as to improve interpersonal and family relationships.  Our therapists are available to give  presentations on subjects, such as:

*coping with depression
*childhood wounds  
*improving marriages through developing better communication and conflict resolution skills
*facing the developmental challenges of parenting children and adolescents
*self-care and support for caregivers (of elderly, special needs children, and those with disabilities)

In your church or ministry setting there may be more specific needs that require certain expertise for which one or more of our therapists may be a resource.  Please feel free to make an inquiry  and we will address the need or direct you to an appropriate resource.All requests will be considered on a first come first serve basis as well as on the availability of the therapists.  To proceed with making such an inquiry, please contact us below.

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