Parenting Support Group

updated January 2021: This group is now longer available. Please reach out to our therapists if you need individual support.

During these unprecedented times you may have found yourself in a new and unexpected role as a teacher for your child(ren) on top of parenting and managing your day to day life. The purpose of this group is to provide you, the parent or caregiver, tools and support to help you navigate more successfully the day to day and increase your confidence in your parenting skills. We will review ideas around setting limits with your children, structuring your day for success, catching your child being good, as well as, practical steps to personal well-being. We hope to see you there!

Facilitated by Lindsey Sneed, PhD Student.

Contact Lindsey directly for more info about this group.

Our Pro Bono Support Groups provide a private place for individuals to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and provide support to one another during the COVID19 Crisis. Support groups are not professional therapy groups and may not meet all emotional support needs. If you need professional therapy, please contact us. We are providing psychotherapy via Telehealth during this time. Donations are welcome but are entirely optional.

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