Patrick Murphy

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Psychotherapy is a time and space dedicated just for you.  I have helped many people work through symptoms including social and generalized anxiety, work stress, trauma/PTSD, depression and grief as well as increasing assertiveness in personal and professional relationships. Therapy can also be a place to explore past wounds, negative beliefs and attitudes which may be driving current maladaptive behaviors and patterns in your life. You can then learn to let go of what is no longer serving you and develop beliefs and behaviors that serve your current desires for your life.

I offer a warm, supportive, and eclectic approach to psychotherapy. While I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I also integrate motivational interviewing, Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy mindfulness, spirituality and self-compassion.

I have experienced deep insights and powerful healing from both my faith as well as receiving psychotherapy as a client myself. For those who are interested, I help clients integrate their faith into counseling as away to tap into the healing power of God while offering practical therapeutic approaches that are often also essential for healing.

As a client, you define the changes you want to make in your life. As your therapist, I will support you in making these changes and offer you feedback on progress made and how to overcome setbacks that may come up.

I offer therapy in person in San Mateo as well as by video throughout California.

Graduate School: MA - Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Clients: Adults and Adolescents

Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker #86211

Patrick Murphy

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)