Kirsten Harnett

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In life there will inevitably be times when we lose our way. Unexpected circumstances, challenging relationship patterns, or painful childhood memories often become stumbling blocks that prevent the ability to live life with joy and purpose. It is my privilege as a therapist to enter into my client’s life experiences and journey with them on the path to healing and wholeness. I firmly believe that each client holds the potential to change their life through hard work and reflection if it is their desire. I see my role as both collaborator and guide, bearing witness to my client’s stories and helping grow understanding and insight so new, more empowering stories can be written. This can happen in a variety of ways, not the least of which involves exploring feelings as well as deeply held behavior and thinking patterns.

I graduated with my MFT from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2004 and have twelve years of clinical experience. I specialize in work with individual adult clients, particularly adults who are experiencing issues related to adulthood singleness, or who have encountered pain and trauma in their church and/or faith life. These issues often bring with them the very real feelings of anxiety, depression, regret, and grief, all of which I have experience dealing with in my clinical practice.

Perhaps your journey has brought you to Christian Psychotherapy Services as a next step on the path towards the fulfillment and joy you seek. I would love to talk about stepping into that journey with you. Feel free to contact me at the provided number and email address. Blessings…

Graduate School: M.S., Fuller Theological Seminary 

Clients: Adults, young adults, couples, families 

Credentials: California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #48822

Kirsten Harnett

Marriage & Family Therapist