Licensed Psychotherapists
Licensed psychotherapists are invited to affiliate with a group of nine like-minded evangelical Christian therapists in private practice. The group shares a six-office suite in San Francisco and currently consists of MFT's, an LCSW, a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist, and MFT interns. Weekly staff meetings provide collegial support, peer consultation, and opportunities for group marketing.

Interns & Psychological Assistants
Positions are available for MFT Interns, LCSW Interns, and Psychological Assistants. Pay is based on face-to-face client hours and on level of experience. Must have completed a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours toward licensure. Work will be mostly with evangelical Christians from the San Francisco Bay Area. Must be able to commit to 20 hours per week with a minimum of 10 client hours per week and attend Tuesday morning meeting. Individual supervision, group case consultation, and clinical training are available.

For More Information
Licensed therapists may contact Dr. Sam Leong. Pre-licensed therapists may contact Kathie Taylor, M.A. or Kristen Harnett, M.F.T. Send résumé or call (415) 764-0252.



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