Stephanie Joy Gluch

Often, people reach out to a therapist when some aspect of their life has become increasingly difficult. It is common to be given advice from close people in your life that sometimes isn’t helpful. Good intentioned people can be quickly dismissive of your thoughts and feelings, leading to more problems versus progress forward. Therapists are able to really tune in, leave a lot of the judgment and personal wishes at the door, and understand the many different parts of you and supportively give you insight to help you reach your goals and/or feel more at peace with yourself. If you are struggling, I encourage you to care for yourself by reaching out to myself or another therapist. Therapy can help you to cope with your situations, feelings, thoughts, and relationships.

I work with a variety of clients on various issues. My therapeutic focus is on understanding and supporting my clients, discussing how childhood experiences affect them, and identifying thoughts and behaviors that cause discomfort. It is my desire to see my clients find balance and achieve growth, one step at a time.

I have completed the Prepare-Enrich training to provide a customized couple assessment and therapy to pre-engagement and pre-marital couples. This assessment and therapy can also be helpful for couples at any life stage. For couples therapy, I have also completed Level 1 in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012, and then joined Christian Psychotherapy Services. For two years during my education, I was a therapist at local schools, both at the K-8th grade and high school levels, which allows me to understand children’s developmental levels and how to support their parents/guardians. My experience also includes a therapist position at San Francisco State’s Counseling Clinic where I worked with college students who were often in the midst of identity development. Additionally, having spent a majority of my life in Christian education and churches, I am very interested in supporting people in their spiritual journeys.

Stephanie Joy Gluch, MS, LMFT
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