Ryan Taylor

Hello and welcome! My name is Ryan. Thanks for stopping by.

When you (and those you may bring) come into my office, you come into a safe space of unconditional positive regard, acceptance, and reminders of your strengths, goodness, and worth. Our time together is time and space where you can be heard, listened to, accepted, supported, and where you can be personally, professionally, therapeutically, and ethically cared for.

Our time together is safe space to facilitate your improvement, healing, restoration, and growth with the goals, expectations, and hopes that you may bring. Additionally, as interested, I hope to provide you with the time and space for you to explore how you can

  • increase understanding and awareness of yourself and those close to you
  • increase & improve positive healthy relationships and practices in your daily life
  • decrease the effects of negative influences and increase positive influences
  • increase positive healthy ways of persevering through struggles and sufferings of life
  • increase the use of your strengths, gifts, and talents for the good of yourself and others
  • increase the practice of virtues
  • increase awareness of the seven deadly sins in your life (pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust), and to begin to discover and implement ways in which you can decrease and better manage behaviors, thoughts, and influences associated with them

Approach: My experience and training draws from various approaches, models, theories, and perspectives that I have found, through study and experience, to be effective and compatible with Christian values and beliefs. My approach is integrative and is tailored according to client needs and interests. My approach includes integrating one’s faith and spiritual journey into the therapy and growth process as much as a client is interested in. My hope is to help you work towards to achieving the goals, needs, expectations, and hopes you bring. As I get to know you better, I will intentionally consider your background, faith, experience, and strengths when helping you in the process of growth. I will also consider how others could be of help to you and, with your interest and permission, attempt to assist them in helping you.

Experience: I have experience providing therapy services to adults, couples, families, children, and adolescents from various and diverse ages, identities, and backgrounds. My therapy experience has been in private practice, community mental health, and school-based settings. Client challenges that I have training and experience with include: trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, anger, ADHD, moral injury, affirmation, transitions/adjustments, virtues/vices, relationships challenges with family, spouses, significant others, and peers; behavioral challenges, self-esteem, caregiver and professional helper stress and burnout, men’s issues, veteran issues, aging and elderly challenges, and more. I am a veteran. I am Catholic. I have worked and served for many years in pastoral care and ministerial settings, and have supported priests, religious, and the lay faithful in their personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

I am also a facilitator for the FOCCUS Pre-marital Inventory, and welcome those couples interested in pre-marital counseling, marriage preparation, and newlyweds.

I am available for appointments on Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturdays.

Please contact me if you have questions, comments, or thoughts you’d like to share.

Ryan Taylor, MSW
Supervised by Dr. Paul Popper


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