Elizabeth Abidoye

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in working with children and adolescents.  However, I also have experience and greatly enjoy working with adults.  I believe that therapy is a unique, personal process of growth and healing for each individual.  I place great importance in providing a safe, nurturing, accepting, and healing space in which together we can explore your experiences, hopes, and goals.  My approach to psychotherapy practice is a holistic one, which is determined by each client’s specific needs.  I am most influenced by Psychodynamic practices, exploring experiences and relationships in order to gain a deeper understanding of how such experiences may be influencing your current life and relationships.  However, I also have training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, a more short term, brief and structured therapy approach that focuses on problem solving, skill building, and is goal directed. 

I have experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, who are struggling with many different issues.  Some of my areas of specialty include abuse and trauma, peer/relational issues, school difficulties, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/body image, play/expressive therapy, and integrating spirituality into practice.  I also provide psychological testing/assessment services, which can be utilized alone or in conjunction with therapy in order to gain a comprehensive, integrated assessment. 

The therapeutic relationship is central to the healing process.  If you feel that my approach may be a good fit for you, I would be happy to set up a time for us to meet. 

Dr. Elizabeth Abidoye, Psy.D.
(415) 820-9690


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